We board and provide daycare for small to medium dogs only. They are allowed to interact depending on their temperament and are supervised closely throughout the day. Boarding animals remain in their own secure suites at bedtime.

All instruments and surfaces are cleaned and disinfected prior to use. Air purifiers prevent excess allergens in the air and help keep the environment clean and fresh.

Our staff will let you know if they observe any conditions that should be treated by a veterinarian. If deemed necessary, your pet must visit your veterinarian before services are rendered.

Rabies vaccine is required for both dogs and cats. Please keep in mind that your dog may be playing with others while here. For the health and safety of your pet, we recommend that you stay current with all vaccines as recommended by your veterinarian.

Rabies is still very present and dangerous to both pets and humans. In California, dogs are required by law to be vaccinated. Cats, being natural born hunters, are also subject to rabies; even house cats can get rabies from mice or rats. For insurance purposes, we must have an up-to-date rabies vaccination on file for every pet we groom.

Yes, we groom cats, too. But we don’t keep them throughout the day. We ask that you remain at Paws A While while we bathe and groom your feline. And if he or she clearly isn’t in the mood, we’ll try again another time. We are extremely conscious of keeping the stress to a minimum.

Each pet is different. We recommend grooming intervals based on the condition of the skin and coat. Because we use all-natural products, some pets can be groomed as frequently as once a week.

Give us a call. We can usually fit in a nail trim between appointments.

Give us a call. We can usually fit you in between appointments.

Anal glands are sacs in the dog’s or cat’s rear end that they use to mark their territory. Dogs and cats generally express their glands during defecation; however, when the animal’s stools are soft they may not exert enough pressure on the glands, which then may fail to empty. A full anal gland can push on the anus and create discomfort, which they self-treat by scooting on the ground, licking or biting at the anus, sitting uncomfortably, difficulty sitting or standing, or tail chasing.

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